The dog days are over


I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you

Vår Outfits

outside your window

noise noise noise

Where the city meets the sky

▲ ▲ ▲

and someday soon

This is the place where I feel at home

restless soul

Hurry up, we're dreaming

En blommig klänning.

M i r r o r

Green meadow

Turn down these voices, Inside my head.


Never gonna break ▲ Never gonna break

Once I had a dream, it died long before

The girl with her skirt

Going out of town

Fairytale forests

Legs, hands & arms

Rabbit blouse

Spring has come upon us

Oh the bitter winds are coming in, and I’m already missing the summer

Blunda, blunda och se världen


Tre bokstäver bildar ett ord som beskriver detta

Bright woods

The brightness in my heart

Now I miss you more than I can take

Let it fall

I have a hard time standing up and facing those fears

Just give

When I woke up

In med något nytt och ut med något gammalt

And if my heart should somehow stop

Well I guess sometimes I wish you were a little more predictable

We own the sky

When everything comes to life


Across the time and space


I see faces